07/05/2011 11:26 pm ET Updated Sep 05, 2011

8 Easy Ways to Make Your Brain Perform Better

Brain fitness ranks as one of the hottest topics at the water cooler these days. Suddenly everyone wants to learn more about what we can do to keep our minds sharp and stay in top intellectual form at the office.

Although the science of brain health remains young, research clearly indicates there is much we can do to improve our everyday memory. Building better brain health can help us boost work skills such as recalling important client information, learning training materials or just keeping track of key documents. It can also lower our risk of serious memory loss.

While many of us want to improve our brain health, we aren't always sure what exactly we need to do, or -- more likely -- simply can't imagine putting one more "must-do" item on our list. Improving your brain fitness doesn't have to be complex, expensive or even time-consuming. The best approach to improving our brain health is one that reflects the current science and blueprints a plan that is practical and actionable. In fact, there are plenty of things we can do to prime our mind while sitting right at our desks.

Here are eight things you can do right now to boost your brain power at work. You can do them all in just five minutes or spend more time on them over the course of the day. All are geared to give your brain an awesome on-the-job workout.