11/07/2012 07:11 am ET

Romney Wins in a Landslide (Not!)

As Chinese Communist Chairman Mao stated in 1957, "let a thousand flowers bloom." This statement was issued as an alleged initiative to deliberately flush out dissidents who were critical to the communist regime. Ultimately, those outliers were imprisoned.

Barack Obama will have to use the same manipulation as Chairman Mao (save the imprisonment part), to aggressively flush out anti "change" dissidents from both parties -- who are unwilling to compromise for the purpose of supporting the democratic command.

If, in fact, Obama is the ultimate "uniter," as he has been hyped to be, he will now have to pull a 'hat trick' like no other president before, save Mr. Franklin Roosevelt. The distinction however, is that Roosevelt had four terms to work his magic, while Obama will only have two terms.

Make no mistake, Obama does not have a mandate. As a harbinger of how difficult it will be for Obama, Republican naysayers have already labeled him a lame duck. This has to be the first time in history that a sitting president has been unabashedly labeled a lame duck before he has even started his second term. And considering Obama will be leading the helm for the next five years until January 2017, that's half a decade of hard work set out for the CEO of America, Inc. In terms of the Republican's preemptive strategy, even Machiavelli would take exception to this tactic. A 'means to an end' does not include being sadistic to your fellow work colleagues.

In an interview given last week, Obama jokingly stated in connection on working with conservatives in order to bridge the political differences of both parties, that he would be willing to wash Republican House Speaker John Boehner's car if he had to in order to reach a deal.

If the Republicans were really smart, a contrarian strategy would be to let Democrats dig their own grave over the next four years. If that were to happen, then most assuredly the political right could incubate a bullet proof cause of action to decimate the Democrats into the Stone Age, just as the Democrats did with George Bush after eight years of mind boggling deficient run-ups and political incompetence.

Or the Republicans, lead by the Mitch McConnell's of the world, could decide out of pure vengeance to place Obama and his lame duck administration into a self-induced coma for the sole purpose of incapacitating the democratic organism in accomplishing its unearned mandate -- which, quite frankly, the Republicans could do if they were so inclined. If this lame ass scheme were to be deployed, then expect to watch reruns of The West Wing for the next four years on all the major cable news outlets and networks.

However, since Obama has been given a four-year contract extension by the American public, it might be best to let him run the clock out and actually pull off a victory for political reform and a reduced federal deficit. Not only has Obama been given explicit permission by the American public to return to the stage for act two of a two-act play, Americans will get to witness (at least half of the paying audience), if his ambitious production will have a Hollywood ending. For many Americans, this real-life docudrama has serious consequences; wherein they expect a return on their investment. Period.

In terms of Obama's supporting cast, expect some of the troupe to stay in place. Those players would include Clinton, Panetta, Duncan and Napolitano. However, due to last minute script changes and prima donna proclivities, most certainly expect Timothy Geithner to exit stage left, and a big maybe; Eric Holder to be re-cast by a less contentious thespian. The critics are still unhappy with his bit part in Fast n' Furious.


Six weeks ago I called this election on The Huffington Post (September 18, 2012). The prediction: Obama would take the electoral college vote at 271 plus votes. At press time (3:17 a.m. EST), the tally stood at 303 electoral votes, and furthermore, that Obama would yield at least 2 million votes over Romney in the popular vote. At press time, Obama had the popular vote at one million plus votes, with 83 percent of the popular vote reporting.

For a real estate guy with a political science degree, that's actually not too bad. Next on the horizon, what does Obama 2.0 mean for the housing crises. Stay tuned.