09/16/2013 02:16 pm ET Updated Nov 12, 2013

Awful Arguments Against Green Energy

For anyone who has ever watched Fox News you know that they hate green energy. And while there are plenty of good arguments for and against green energy this new meme about windmills being an eyesore and killing birds is an example of the worst. The reality is this talking point only resonates with those who are already against green energy.

If the preservation of natural beauty were the primary argument for how we operate in America one would expect a lot more push back to things like:

Coal-fired power plants, oil rigs, cell phone towers, nuclear power plants, garbage dumps,the highway system, the train system, ports, power lines, the logging industry, and mountaintop coal mining.

I'm not sure anyone would suggest that these items enhance the natural beauty of the areas where they are located.

And as for the argument that the windmills kill birds, data shows that up to 150,000 birds die every year from windmills while as many as 174 million die each year from power lines. Of course if we can save some of the 13,000 people who die prematurely each year from poor air quality that would probably be advantageous as well.

The reality is that these types of arguments only prove how little the anti-green energy crowd understands the motives of green energy advocates and what they think is a clever exposure of hypocrisy is really just an example of ignorance.