10/17/2014 08:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Children Will Lead Us


I beg you to remember the children, remember they are watching, emulating our approach. How we solve problems? We ask children to solve problems through discussions, yet; seem unable to follow the advice we spew with such authority. As the big ones, the tall ones, the authoritative ones with experience, where is our platform for discussion, honesty and growth?

As the Middle East; stands rife with turmoil, it continues to be a complex part of our world. Again, the children will lead us. Children like Malala Yousafzai, the angel of change; the recipient of this year's, Nobel Peace Prize. Gabriel Bol Deng a change provocateur; will pave a way out of the muddled chaos, ensuring the lost children of Sudan and war can find peace in this world!

It seems the children must lead us. They will have to take the reins. They will have to influence their parents to communicate. To engage in creating a world, where they will not only strive but excel. How dare us not provide a world where play, wonder, creativity, and discovery are the nexus of existence! This new generation will have to encourage us to care about our world, to live with the realization that everyone counts.

Selfishness can also be an instigator, the reason for action. Ebola -- the new plague that has emerged on a continent that some would like to blame for all the viruses/ills that exists. A continent that has cradled man, a continent that has had to survive the onslaught of colonialism. A continent blessed and cursed with natural resources, that everyone wants but refuses to pay. When a part of the world where mankind sprang into existence, is being plagued with a disease it begs us to extend some assistance. In this case a worldwide response, least it becomes a worldwide epidemic.

Let's love with the premise that all life on this planet is precious. It's time to engage in a global detox, by removing weapons from the hands of man and youth alike, let us build schools, hospitals, libraries, infrastructure in war torn countries. Lets offer assistance wherever it's needed. Lets listen to youth, it is indeed, their world. Listen keenly, especially to their thirst for innovation and justice... allow the children to lead us.

Dear Children,

The bitter ones, with hair resembling snow and eyes that choose to see selectively will have to follow your lead. They like their parents saw what you now see, tried to improve it but became enticed; embraced conservatism, elitism, racism and misogyny. Hiding within misguided truth this world labels as success, riches and wealth, they rested ignoring the cries of others that poverty, war, disease and famine created. Those in power slept as the world erupted like a wound unable to heal, after years of neglect, too little medication; care conspicuously absent.