06/25/2013 03:00 pm ET Updated Aug 25, 2013

SCOTUS Roberts Gang and Voting Rights

What is it? Is it law? Is it reason? Is it obtuseness about justice? No, honey, it's none of these. It's money.

In American politics, follow the money and you usually find some clarity. Political philosophy is always a smokescreen -- it's money in the bank that lies behind the smoke.

Like the Republican Congress, the Republican Supreme Court is aware of the danger to the leisure class of huge minority populations with a strong tendency to vote for Democratic legislators and executives. Using subtle or direct maneuvers, they will do whatever they can to limit the voting power of minority groups inclined to deprive Republicans of political power--the political power that produces financial rewards and security for the class that holds that power.

It's money that determines the strategy. It's money driving politics in every political system on the planet, including the political system in America. Political power is necessary to funnel money from the masses into the leisure class -- always has been. If the tables were turned, Hispanics and Blacks voting Republican, illegal Hispanic immigrants would be given an immediate path to citizenship and the Voting Rights Act would be made even stronger rather than being gutted. You can bet your bippy on it. Think about it.

So what's the remedy? What power do the people have against this war by the leisure class against everyone else? Only the power of the voting machine. Get the Republicans out of control of the House of Representatives in 2014. Get the Republicans out of power everywhere they can be dumped. Get State governments out of the hands of Republicans. And most of all, make certain the Democrats win the White House in 2016 in order to prevent the Roberts gang of five being given an even greater majority in case of the death or retirement of one or more of the other four justices.

Throughout history, the leisure class has depended on the ignorance of the lower classes in the war of the leisure class to retain political power. Maybe this information-driven century will see the leisure class finally trumped by a more sophisticated electorate.

In America, power is in the hands of the people only if they grab it by using the vote. Isn't it time to do some grabbing?