06/26/2012 07:41 pm ET Updated Aug 26, 2012

Dear President Obama: Here's Your Hope and Change 2012

Dear President Obama,

After watching your speech on the economy last week in Cleveland, I, like many people I know who bothered to watch the whole thing, felt it left a lot to be desired.

I know a lot about your speeches -- especially what they used to be like. I was responsible for cutting the video series called "Blueprint For Change" during your 2008 campaign that explained what all of your policy positions were going to be. In doing so, I transcribed and basically knew everything you ever said before a camera while you were running for president.

After I watched your Cleveland speech -- I went back and watched some of the oldies but goodies to see why I felt your recent versions were so lacking. I watched your "Yes We Can" victory speech in New Hampshire, your race speech -- but also your general campaign speech to one of your largest crowds of 2008 in St. Louis, MO.

What these speeches had, that we haven't heard in a while, was the ability to turn me on. I got excited watching them again even though I know how everything's played out -- there was something positive, something you were going to do for me. They all INSPIRED. We haven't heard anything like them, probably since your Gabrielle Giffords speech. (the best speech of your presidency -- I know you can turn things on a speech again)

With this in mind, I've gone to the liberty of writing a speech that I'd like to hear you give. It probably won't make it past whoever decides these things now, if they're the ones letting you give the ones you've been reading. It doesn't go over petty Washington differences, blaming the Republican do-nothing Congress -- which I actually think begs the question, what would be different in January if you were elected again in November? You will still likely have that Congress.

This negativity you're peddling without a positive, inspiring message, unfortunately, only comes right back at you. We all know Romney is weird -- let him keep doing it to himself, avoiding the gutter, like you've done in all your other successful campaigns. Don't fall for the heartless, calculated DC 'politico' crap that doesn't resonate with the American people and especially your base.

What my half-written speech below does do, I HOPE, is bring back some of that magic that started in 2004 at the Democratic National Convention, where you took to the national stage and painted a country that wasn't about red or blue states, but was about what we could all do together. You've had trouble finding a narrative and stinking to it -- but this is your story. From birth -- you've brought different worlds together, in your best moments in office this is what you've done, and in your darkest times, this is what you've forgotten.

Maybe part of your plan is to bring this sort of thing out in the 4th quarter -- but we've all been waiting for some larger chess strategy from your administration this entire time and it doesn't always arrive. Maybe it's coming on Amtrak -- but just in case it never shows, here goes:

"we're all in this together"

"We dont let old people die alone
without dignity"

"we dont let the auto workers starve"

"It's hard-- for everyone
but we're all in this together"

"It's not the american way to not educate our children --"

"big things take all of us to achieve"

"we cant' do it alone... I may have thought I could at times, I admit that... but now I know more than ever, we're all in this together "

"We're all in this together"

"Some will say, it's about my tax cut or their medicare -- the truth is, we're all in this together"

"If there's one thing we've learned the last three years -- we can't do it alone
whether it's the world economy
or making sure people don't get dropped from insurance
we are all in it together
even ruggged individualist -- cowboys
are effected by the world around them
the price of cattle
this is a choice about going it alone
or doing what we've always done as a country
back to the revolutionary war
we joined together
we were scrappy
a nation of 13 colonies came together
and beat back an imposing empire
because we've always been in this together
You cant manufacture a union
Where there was not
ask the Euroupeans
what the United States is -- that's unique to this world, and in a sense is the hope of humanity
is based in our togetherness...
our union.
We're all in this together"

Barack, Romney can't say we're all in this together because all of his policy prescriptions are about doing it alone. This is what turns on the liberal base, but it's also a positive message to swing voters looking for HOPE again.

Best of luck in any event,
Dan Beckmann

P. S. I would love to have dinner with you and I don't need Clooney to be there.