09/17/2012 03:23 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2012

Is the Problem With Mitt Romney Really Mitt Romney?

According to Bryan Fischer of the American Family Association, "Mitt Romney right now should be leading by 10 or 15 points and the fact that he's not is Mitt Romney's problem."

Conservative columnist George Will says, "If the Republican Party cannot win in this environment, it has to get out of politics and find another business."

The paragon of virtue and conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham comes to the same conclusion as George Will, ""If you can't beat Barack Obama with this record, then shut down the party."

All fingers seem to be pointing to Mitt Romney for his less than stellar poll numbers so close to the November 6th election, but is he really the problem or is the problem the party itself?

One important concern for the Republican party is that with today's media options and with conservatives in general is that that they only have to read or listen to those things they want to hear and even to only associate, through their online social networks, with people who think like they do. This sometimes makes conservatives have a false sense of security which allows them to think that most people think like they do, when in actuality they do not. I hate to tell you guys, but going even more conservative compounds the problem.

What more can they ask of their candidate? As soon as he opens his mouth and says something contrary to what conservative Republicans think he should have said, he issues a retraction and toes the line.

He promises to cut taxes for the rich, reduce regulations and cut back those evil entitlement programs like Medicare and Medicaid. He hopes to continuously increase the retirement age for Social Security. He is "currently" anti-abortion and anti-employer provided birth control. He thinks Arizona's immigration laws should be the model for the country. He would be in favor of scaling back the Environmental Protection Agency and of course he falls right in line with that no-brainer of all policy positions when he says he is committed to repealing Obamacare.

Maybe conservatives should ponder if the majority of the voters just do not like a lot of these ideas. Maybe defining the party as the anti-abortion, anti-birth control, anti-worker, pro-corporation, anti-healthcare party was not a good idea for anyone interested in winning a nationwide election even though it worked in the Republican primary.

Sure being the self-righteous party plays well in certain states like Alabama and Texas, but Romney was going to win Alabama and Texas anyway.

Maybe the reason why Romney has not been able to make much of a move in the polls is because everyone does not blame Obama for the economy and there is evidence to support this. Maybe many of the voters are not so enamored with the John "I reject the word compromise" Boehner philosophy. Maybe blocking legislation and progress was not seen as the ideal solution to an ailing economy. Maybe the majority of people think that both sides have their points to be made.

Maybe before you attempt to destroy unions, you should remember there are actually pro-union voters. Maybe before you attempt to deny women the right to choose and access to birth control, you should remember there are women voters, a lot of women voters. Maybe before you start talking about eliminating Medicare you should remember that there are people who like Medicare and they vote. Maybe before you say that you hope black and latino voters stay home you should remember that many of them will not stay home. Maybe when your tax plan lower taxes on the rich and raises taxes on the poor and middle class you should remember that thanks to your policies there are many, many more poor and middle class voters than wealthy voters.

Maybe before conservative pundits attack their Presidential candidate for running a poor campaign you should realize that he already represents everything you represent and this has nothing to do with what the majority of people think America should be.

Maybe it takes more than telling people that God wants you to vote for Mitt Romney especially when the vast majority of your platform is the antithesis of Christian values.

Maybe when you purport to stand for the Constitution, liberty, and the American flag you should think before you seek to deny the LGBT community their full rights as American citizens, women the right to choose, hundreds of thousands their right to vote and everyone their right to worship or not worship as they choose.

Maybe after Rick Santorum's recent comments in which he said, "We will never have the elite, smart people on our side, because they believe they should have the power to tell you what to do." Republican leaders should not have counted on the majority of the American people being ignorant.

And maybe, just maybe Rick Santorum and conservative pundits should ponder the concept that the American people do not want you or your Presidential candidate Mitt Romney the power to tell them what to do.