06/19/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

What's Up With the Featured "News" on

Many important news events were occurring this afternoon, but you would never know it with a visit to The selection of top, featured stories gives a visitor the impression of browsing a trashy magazine, not one of the self-proclaimed finest news organizations in the country.

Here is what CNN listed as its top 20 headlines at 1:15 p.m. EST, today, June 11, 2008:

'New life' for daughter raised in incest dungeon

Sandbags save town from flood

Video shows home pulled into raging water

KRQE: Gas, food prices hurting Meals on Wheels

Pakistan condemns 'cowardly' U.S. airstrike

CNNMoney: McCain, Obama and your taxes

Martin: Election Day should be a Saturday

Ticker: Actress amazed Obama e-mails her

McCain's oft-mocked backdrop poofs

Students try to crack famous cold cases

Friend: Paul Newman is battling cancer

Patrick Swayze going back to work

Girls' shooting deaths rattle rural town

Man stops 129 from leaping off suicide cliff

Guard jumps in front of truck to save kids Can you top this crazy cubicle?

Gay marriages may be worth $684 million

WCVB: Super Bowl rings taken in heist

SI: NBA's perception problem keeps growing

Saloon bridesmaid hated dress

The last one may take the cake for me.

I get the attraction of soft news and human interest stories. I'm dumbfounded, though, by the absence of any of the moment's major happenings in the world. One would never know that:

Barack Obama had just blasted credit card companies for deceiving Americans and paying to have the laws written to their liking.

John McCain had just said bringing the troops home was "not too important," and that limiting casualties was the real priority. His comments set off a firestorm.

President Bush was beating the drums of war against Iran.

The Abu Dhabi Investment Council is poised to buy an American icon in New York, the Chrysler Building.

An Iranian-trained bomber killed five people, including a mother and her seven-year-old son, with explosions on Baghdad mini-buses.

Five years ago, my homepage was How many homepages are set to it today?