10/25/2007 03:18 pm ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

White House Press Secretary: Climate Change Has Health Benefits

During an October 24 press conference, Dana Perino, White House Press Secretary, explained how she sees a silver lining in global warming:

"Q: You mentioned that there are health benefits to climate change. Could you describe some of those?

MS. PERINO: Sure. In some cases, there are -- look, this is an issue where I'm sure lots of people would love to ridicule me when I say this, but it is true that many people die from cold-related deaths every winter. And there are studies that say that climate change in certain areas of the world would help those individuals."

Perhaps this "it's-not-really-so-cold-out-there" line is the Bush Administration rationalization on why they want to cut funding for heating low-income American households. Or maybe this crisis denial is their tactic of delaying expensive (yet planet-saving) reforms being forced upon their energy industry cronies. Whatever it is, it's detached and scary.