05/20/2011 05:39 pm ET Updated Jul 20, 2011

A Little Legal Help: Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock Gives Lawyers Love in KC

It's rare to find anyone who cheerfully admits to liking attorneys.

On May 6, filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, the mind behind Super Size Me and Pom Wonderful Presents: The Greatest Movie Ever Sold, told a crowd of roughly 210 lawyers and journalists in a ballroom of the basement of the InterContinental Hotel on the Plaza that he not only likes attorneys but that without their sage advice, his career wouldn't have been nearly as successful without good legal advice.

"A good lawyer will keep you out of trouble; A great lawyer will help you cause it," he said. "Too many people I know in this business have no idea what their rights are as filmmakers. I've been lucky to have people who've been able to explain to me what these rights are but how to walk the line of those rights as closely as I can while accomplishing what I want to do."

Know Your Rights
In his films and in his FX television series 30 Days, Spurlock has taken on some of the biggest corporations in the world, deliberately risked his health, put himself in prison, searched for Osama bin Laden (obviously before SEAL Team Six) and turned himself into a walking billboard. As he explained to the attendees of the University of Kansas' 24th annual Media and the Law Symposium, his 2004 offering Super Size Me needed a lawyer's touch.

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