The Daily Show Brings a Camel to Wisconsin: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (VIDEO)

02/23/2011 03:18 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Wisconsin blogger Jack Craver was on hand when The Daily Show brought a camel to Madison in a failed attempt to humorously illustrate the absurdity of comparisons between Egyptian democracy protesters and striking Wisconsin teachers.

It was not pretty.

The camel did not walk well on ice. It was eventually rescued by firefighters.

Note to John Oliver: The next time you bring a camel to a protest on an icy street, get the two-hump kind, a Bactrian camel. Those are stocky and lower to the ground. They were obviously designed to walk on slushy Wisconsin streets.

A Dromedary has one hump. It is taller and skinnier. Not good for mingling with protesters on icy squares in Madison.

Or better yet, don't bring a camel at all.

Dan McDermott publishes three Virginia newspapers. As a child, he lived in many countries including India where he occasionally rode camels and elephants. Unfortunately there was no YouTube then to capture the moment.