06/16/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mighty Movie Podcast: Juan Jose Campanella on 2010 Foreign Language Oscar Winner The Secret in Their Eyes

Seems to be some confusion about the title of this. For the record, according to the front page of the production notes, it's The Secret in Their Eyes. Not The Secret of Their Eyes or even The Secret in Her Eyes, which is the way the video file for the trailer is labeled. So I hope we've got that all ironed out, now. Let's move on, mmmkay?

The nominees for this year's Best Foreign Language Film were a strong bunch: Ajami; 2010-04-16-TSITE_8_310.jpgThe White Ribbon; A Prophet (Un Prophete) -- I didn't get to see The Milk of Sorrow, so can't say how it matched up. That the Argentinian Secret -- the story of a retired police inspector (Ricardo Darin) who delves back into a rape-murder he investigated in 1974 -- took the prize may have had much to do with director Juan Jose Campanella's ability to mold the film (adapted from a novel by Eduardo Sacheri) as a popular, whodunit while running deeper currents about love and sacrifice underneath. It probably didn't hurt that supporting actor Guillermo Francella -- better know in Argentina for his comic roles -- delivered a complex, powerful performance as the inspector's flawed sidekick, or that the film boasts a stunningly choreographed arrest sequence set in a crowded soccer stadium.

Campanella was clearly enjoying his victory, and we had a fun time talking. Click on the player to hear the interview.

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