11/08/2013 12:19 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

John Sayles and Yolanda Ross on Go for Sisters : Mighty Movie Podcast

2013-11-08-gfshamiltonolmosross_410.jpgIt's back to the border for John Sayles, who in films like Lone Star has explored the distinctive tensions that brew in the towns that neighbor to Mexico. Now he's applying that worldview to the mystery thriller in Go for Sisters, the story of a parole officer (LisaGay Hamilton) whose son may be in big trouble with human traffickers, and who, in order to track him down in Tijuana, recruits the help of a reformed drug addict (Yolanda Ross) and a not-so-reformed, and nearly blind, former LA cop (Edward James Olmos). Not exactly the kind of trip that they'll be tweeting snapshots from.

As expected, in our interview, Sayles demonstrates an intimate command of the issues that gives Go for Sisters' thrills a real-world legitimacy. Meanwhile, Ross discusses what life is like on a Sayles indie project -- bottom line: look elsewhere for duplex dressing trailers. Click on the player to hear the show, or right-click the link to download.

John Sayles & Yolanda Ross on Go for Sisters: Mighty Movie Podcast

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