05/23/2011 11:26 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mighty Movie Podcast: Greg Jacobs and Jon Siskel on Louder Than a Bomb

2011-05-20-LouderThanABombSteinmenautsCountingGraves_410.jpgI'm basically down with anything that celebrates language, but Louder Than a Bomb is something special. Based around the 2008 Louder Than a Bomb youth poetry slam that took place in Chicago, the film focuses on four high school teams as they face the difficulties of prepping and competing in the event. In the midst of that, we get a look at the wide diversity of teens courting the muse of poetry, from a Jewish prep school student who brings an incendiary attack to his material, to a young man brought up in a household ravaged by drugs and a young woman confronting her responsibilities in helping to raise an autistic brother. Similar to The Arbor, which we covered previously, the film explores both the opportunities and limits of art to help shape a life. Unlike The Arbor, there's more than a little hope in the outcome.

Click the player to hear my interview with directors Greg Jacobs and Jon Siskel.

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