07/08/2011 05:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mighty Movie Podcast: Michael Tully on Septien

2011-07-08-Septien_still6_410_v01.jpgIt's hard to put a precise finger on the nature of Michael Tully's Septien. I'm starting to think of it as kind of a Southern gothic chamber piece with epic ambitions, a family comedy-drama that at points incorporates inquests into the natures of love, creativity, competition, sex, and ultimate good and evil. Or maybe it's just a lark that three colleagues -- Tully and his co-writers Onur Tukel and Robert Longstreet -- put together to mess with our minds.

(It's also not the first time in very recent cinema that the South has risen again in curious ways -- check out General Orders No. 9 as well.)

Nevertheless, the tale of three brothers -- also played by Tully, Tukel, and Longstreet -- trying to rebuild their familial bond after one had fled years ago travels a strange, twisted, and ultimately fascinating route that frequently defies expectations. It essentially delights in its own impertinence -- fortunately, it's charming enough to get away with it.

I got a chance to talk to Tulley about the film. Click on the player to hear the interview.

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