Mighty Movie Podcast: Sebastian Gutierrez on Electra Luxx

03/09/2011 04:07 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

2011-03-09-elektra_luxx_06_410.jpgShould a movie about a pregnant porn star fleeing her past and questioning her future be this much fun? If it's Sebastian Gutierrez's gleefully frisky Electra Luxx, yeah, sure. As he did with this film's predecessor, Gutierrez has gathered a talented, largely female cast, including Carla Gugino as the titular Electra, Adrianne Palicki and Emmanuelle Chriqui as a couple of colleagues trying to suss out the depth of their friendship, Marley Shelton as a desperate stewardess, and Kathleen Quinlan as an ambitious author. To add to the fun, he also fortifies the cast with some notable male participants, including Tim Olyphant as a charming detective, Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Electra's video-blogging chronicler, and Justin Kirk as a melodramatically righteous husband. What with Levitt's frequent, Greek chorus interjections, sexy musical fantasy numbers, and even a side-trip into South American melodrama, the narrative through-line is, shall we say, a little eccentric, but no less fun for all its tagents.

Click on the player to hear my interview with Gutierrez.

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