12/28/2012 10:38 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mighty Movie Podcast: Ward Roberts on Dust Up

2012-12-28-JackampEllaatTable_410.jpgIt's the end of the year. Time to weigh our actions of the 12 months prior, look ahead to the months to come, and resolve to be better, smarter, more generous, more loving in all we do.

Then we can all sit down to a film in which a one-eyed ex-marine (Aaron Gaffey) and his Zen-nerd-with-delusions-of-Native-Americanism buddy (Devin Barry) protect a young mother (Amber Benson) from a hoard of meth-addled cannibals. Because, truly, can you think of a better path to personal enrichment?

Dust Up is a low-budget, grindhouse-style action comedy set in a desert where the heat appears to have addled everyone who dares to live there. It's the product of a unique production consortium called Drexel Box, and a pretty wacky (albeit violent and twisted) way to usher in the New Year. I got a chance to discuss the film with its director, Ward Roberts. Click on the player button to hear the show, or right-click the title to download.

Mighty Movie Podcast: Ward Roberts on Dust Up.