06/06/2010 08:59 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

ReelzChannel: Top Ten "Hazardous Cargo" Movies

For the ambitious music industry intern Aaron Green (Jonah Hill) in Get Him to the Greek, the task was supposedly easy: Escort a musician from London to a concert date in LA. What Aaron didn't count on was that his traveling companion, notorious rock god Aldous Snow (Russell Brand), would be following one of the prime rules of movie storytelling: If you plan to go from point A to point B, rest assured that, in actuality, you'll be visiting point U, point M, point X, and (if this is an indie film) point 5b, before finally winding up at your destination. Hooking up with a hard-partying artist for a trip containing all the booze, drugs, and willing bed partners a transatlantic and cross-country jog can provide is just asking for trouble.

2010-06-07-hazardouscargotopimg_border_v01.jpgDoesn't matter what form of conveyance is involved, if a character in a movie is going mobile, chances are good that there will be someone or something tagging along to make the experience a little more ... interesting, let's say. FedEx may think they have all the contingencies covered, but it turns out that ingenious filmmakers have found myriad ways to stock trains, planes, and automobiles with increasingly vexing traveling companions. We've managed to dig up 10 especially daunting cargos -- human and otherwise -- that have made getting there twice the fun ... for the audience, at least.

ReelzChannel's Top Ten "Hazardous Cargo" Movies