Tribeca 2012 Diary: The Playroom Director Julia Dyer

04/23/2012 02:31 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The kids are telling tales out of school, and so are their parents. Set one restless night in the mid-seventies, The Playroom juxtaposes a quartet of siblings spinning a strange, heartbreaking tale of freedom in their attic sanctuary with the darker dynamics of a small, "neighborly" get-together between adults in the living room below. Capturing a period when innocence was under assault on all fronts, director Julia Dyer (Late Bloomers), shooting from a script by her sister Gretchen, tells a tale old and young facing uncertain futures, not all of them with a suitable measure of grace.

I met up with Julia in a conference room at one of Tribeca's host hotels; our conversation is below.