06/17/2009 11:57 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Smart Investor Makeover: The Risk of Not Knowing Your Risk (Video)

When investors got clobbered in 2008, the most common lament was: "I had no idea I could lose that much in the market."

Risk and return are kissing cousins. The more risk, the more return, but also the possibility of greater loss. Investors who are mesmerized by the high returns reported by some mutual funds and hedge funds should not view this data with unbridled enthusiasm. High return means high risk.

If you really understood risk, you would never hold an individual stock. You can obtain the same expected return in an index fund of comparable risk, with far less volatility.

Risk is critically important to investors. Yet I have never met an investor who could tell me the risk of their portfolio. Few brokers understand risk, much less how to measure it.

William Bernstein, the author of The Intelligent Asset Allocator, gives this excellent advice:

"Anytime a salesman or broker attempts to sell you a security of any type, ask him .. what its standard deviation of annual returns is... If he ... doesn't know, don't even think about buying it. If your broker is not familiar with the concept of the standard deviation of returns, get a new one."

This week's video will help you understand the risk of your portfolio.

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