11/12/2008 04:22 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Latest Hoopla: The Obama Cabinet Flowchart

US News and World Report broke this yesterday, and since then I've received the pdf file indirectly and independently in e-mails from two people who work in the offices of two of the people on the chart. I don't know what that says about the accuracy of the thing, if anything, but I certainly can't say with any certainty that the chart is the real McCoy. Still, as US News noted, "It's just an unofficial guide but a fun one to follow."

Perhaps the most interesting possible cabinet pick is Al Gore in a newly created "climate czar" position, as well as the formation of an Energy Security Council to be helmed by either John Podesta or Carol Browner. A lot of the other picks are simply confirmations of previous rumors: RFK Jr. at EPA, Caroline Kennedy at UN Ambassador, Colin Powell at State or Defense, and so on. The rest of the potential names are thick with Clinton administration alums.