03/18/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

The NYGMen Podcast: Week 13 PREVIEW - The Dallas Cowboys ride into town

In this week 13 PREVIEW, the Dallas Cowboys come riding into Giants Stadium. To commemorate the occasion, we welcome SPECIAL GUEST, and resident Cowboy expert, REID, as the three of us mock Wade Phillips and Jerry Jones, remark on the Cowgirl cage dancers, and duke it out over Eli and Tony Romo. Also, we anxiously anticipate Tiki Barber's reception at Giants Stadium this Sunday when he serves as honorary team captain, respond to listener comments and email, and briefly (very briefly) address the New York/Boston sports rivalry. And DON'T MISS us finally going to battle over the Yankees, the first ever flare-up of the our competing MLB allegiances in the history of "The NYGMen Podcast." Yet again, it's DO OR DIE for the G-Men, so be a good fan and do what the Giants must . . . SHOW UP!!!

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