06/02/2010 11:43 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

God Dammit!

Thank you Aid Flotilla, for ruining it for all us moderate, peace seeking Israelis. And thank you our Israeli government for further devastating our ethics, morals and principals of a democratic peace-seeking state.

Thank you Aid Flotilla for taking OUR matters to your own hands, and systematically devastating the Israeli left with your over-the-top incitement. And thank you Israeli government for continuing to be short-sighted, visionless, violent hawks and damning all of us for a life of shame, war and strife.

And finally, a word to the sponsors -- Turkey -- did anyone float into Turkey when it murdered over a million Armenians? Or did anyone do it when you arrested hundreds of Kurds, including children, merely four years ago and violated their rights? Or maybe when you invaded Cyprus?

Dear "peace" activists, thank you for provoking our State and making it respond yet again. You have once again overwhelmed our efforts with your exhibitions. You have split our unified voice for peace, and have created yet another voice for violence.

You think it doesn't tear our souls that Gazans are living under a blockade? You think there are no forces within this country that want to fight our government and change its stance? Do you not see how you pushing Israel to the corner only necessitate it to do what you say it shouldn't? Or you couldn't care less, as I am pretty sure is the case, and you really do want to do this for the show rather than taking the hard way of working for a solution to save lives, rather than continue to sacrifice it. Some of us are dedicating life times to reinvent Israel into a peaceful country, one that respects its Palestinian neighbor and responds with thought and calm to events around it -- and you with your shows have time and again crushed our efforts. PLEASE. STOP!

Dear government, Yes -- it was a provocation. Yes -- these people were not and are not interested in humanitarian aid, and certainly not peace. Yes -- these people could not care less for human life. But is it possible to act as a responsible government that has over 6 million citizens under its care? Maybe not respond to everything like Rambo? To weigh options beyond military engagement?

It seems to me Mr. Barak you could not wait to pull the trigger, so you made excuses to attack outside our maritime borders. And no, the responsibility for all of this does NOT solely lie with the activists like you so arrogantly (yet not surprisingly) said on Israeli TV yesterday. Personally, I think Admiral Eliezer Marom should resign, though a better, happier and more productive option is for you, Ehud, to finally decide to take the responsibility you so easily throw around and rid us of yourself.

We had options. When this begun we could have gone to the United Nations and announce we will break all diplomatic ties to Turkey if it continues to support illegal action against Israel -- in legal terms Turkey is supporting criminal activity that violates international maritime borders. We should have summoned THEIR ambassador and not wait for ours. We could have suggested -- at the United Nations and on the international stage -- a neutral country deliver the aid with observers from the EU, Turkey and Israel monitoring the process. And if all of this would not help and this charade continued why not treat it like what it is -- criminal activity. Bring our navy to stop the ships, and our police and border patrol to handle the violators as common criminals. There are so many ways to handle such a "show" and put its activists in the place where they belong -- at the margin. Instead we once more allowed the extremes to dictate the agenda.

Did Hamas suffer? No. Did Turkey suffer? No. It is Israelis and thereby Palestinians that are suffering. It deepens the rift between us, disallows any moderate agenda, and continues to give our leaders the ability to use each and every such event to strengthen their uncompromising excuses.