01/25/2013 02:34 pm ET Updated Mar 27, 2013

Do You Remember Your First Crush?

I was talking with a friend the other day about our first crushes, and I was shocked at how young we both were when we first felt butterflies about a boy. I remember a boy, Richie, having a crush on me in preschool, which totally grossed me out. But apparently in kindergarten I was mature enough to start seeing boys as cute instead of covered in cooties. I'll never forget Christopher. He was my neighbor and we would climb trees together and play with matchbox cars and color forms. I thought we would be together forever until my family uprooted and moved to Florida that same year. I didn't have a real-ish boyfriend until 11th grade, but I had at least one crush each year all through school.

Does everyone have such vivid memories about their first crush, and at such a young age? I think that children are much more aware of love than we give them credit. I'm conducting this poll to see if I'm right. Please share this with everyone you know so that we can get as many responses as possible. Be honest when you answer! I have friends that didn't have a crush until high school that are happily married today. I don't think that your happiness depends on when you have your first crush. I just wonder when the average age of the first crush lies. And, since it is the season of crushing with Valentine's Day around the corner... let's remember the ones who started our romantic journeys for us.

Share your story about your first crush in the comments. They will be so much fun to read!

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