04/28/2014 11:32 am ET Updated Jun 28, 2014

Be a Classy Lush This Spring

Walking around Williamsburg yesterday I was beyond relieved to witness flowers blooming, trees budding and people chilling out with books and coffees on park benches. And, all of that is good and well, but in my book the best way to celebrate the changing of the seasons is actually to throw a party al fresco. Even if you throw a party of one, there's no shame in springtime imbibing solo! We've all earned some down time in a deck chair so, I spoke with Dawn Sandomeno and Elizabeth Mascalli of The PartyBluprints Blog to get a run down on how exactly to swizzle up springtime in a glass or two or three.

What ingredients make a cocktail taste like spring?

The first flavors that come to mind are mint, mango, spring ginger, strawberry, and raspberry. These ingredients taste like spring and are in season. If at all possible spring cocktails should be mixed with fresh ingredients -- it's the best way to say cheers and celebrate the earth coming to life again!

What should you avoid to keep winter from creeping into your spring cocktails?

Spring is time to lighten up everything including your cocktail. Stay away from heavy ingredients like cream and brandy when shaking up a spring cocktail. Also be sure to steer clear of holiday flavors like coco, peppermint as in candy cane, and pumpkin.

What can you do to dress up your cocktail for the season?

Garnish your cocktails with fresh herbs and berries. You want to decorate your drink with the freshness of spring.

What are two or three simple drink recipes that are perfect for warmer weather?

Spring just sings the Margarita's name. Mint juleps and Mimosas are also perfect signature spring cocktails that work great for brunches which seem to be a popular way to entertain for Spring Celebrations like Mother's Day, bridal showers, etc.!

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