How to Have a Hipster Father's Day

It's time to honor dad this Father's Day with a gift that gives his cool side a face-lift. Here are some ideas of how to have a hipster Father's Day for the dad whose edge needs a little sharpening.
05/16/2013 06:06 pm ET Updated Jul 16, 2013

Does your dad love reminding you that he was cool back in the day? Somehow he manages to fit his LP collection into most conversations, including chats about the weather or what's for dinner. He wants to show you that he was awesome once upon a time. And, he really was! But, cool has evolved from bell-bottoms to skinny jeans and Led Zeppelin to Arcade Fire. It's time to honor dad this Father's Day with a gift that gives his cool side a face-lift. Here are some ideas of how to have a hipster Father's Day for the dad whose edge needs a little sharpening.

Hipster Status Symbol #1: Bike

Your dad has likely rallied some long rides in his past, but it's been a while since he took the old two-wheeler for a spin. Any hipster knows that biking is in, big time. And nothing is more hipster than riding bikes to a beer garden or park for some people watching. So take dad for a ride! If he needs a new ride a fixie might not be the way to go. But, do get him something cool that has brakes. Get it used, or get your siblings to chip in for something special.

Hipster Status Symbol #2: Mustache

Your dad and his crew might have been among the first to rock bushy mustaches in the '70s, but in recent years, they've made a serious comeback. They might even be a pop icon at this point. Splurge on a professional shave from an upscale barber in town to get dad back on track with his grooming. It will remind him of his hip yesteryear while fusing it with the hippest current style. If grooming is asking a lot, he'll still get a kick out of a book on famous mustaches over time because he'll probably find a few of his variations on display. Expect photo albums to come out for comparisons!

Hipster Status Symbol #3: Small Batch Beer

If there's one thing all dads can pretty much agree on, whether they're musicians or marketers, it's beer. Well making beer from scratch, aka home brew, is what all the cool kids are doing. It has everything dads like: a challenge, and a reward at the end of that challenge in the form of beer. Invest in a beer making kit for dad and make a batch together. While you wait for your brew to age, upgrade his go-to from standard pub fare to an IPA by sampling a slew of them at a local beer garden or microbrewery in town.

Hipster Status Symbol #4: Locavore and Artisanal Food

For some dads simpler is always better. A perfect meal for them involves food you can eat sans utensils, and anything that comes straight from the dirt or ocean. He's a locavore ahead of his time! So, a trip to the farmer's market where you can fill up on artisanal cheese, locally grown oddities and pickle samples will hit the spot. It also doesn't get much more hip than food trucks these days so hit one up around the perimeter of the farmer's market and snack on fresh lobster rolls or Korean tacos.

Hipster Status Symbol #5: Art Gallery

Your dad can get through the Met, the Louvre, or the Art Institute of Chicago on his own, but this Father's Day, the further underground the better. Take him to a show at a quirky art gallery nearby. No big museums, nothing he's heard of before -- or that you've heard of either, for that matter. Seek young artists making offbeat work that will make your dad nostalgic for the good ole days.

Basically, show your dad how his coolness paved the path to your edgy ways by taking him on a tour of the 2013 version of what rocked his world back in the day.

What other hipster status symbols did I miss? How would you share them with your dad?

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