03/29/2012 02:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How to Stuff a Sugar-Free Easter Basket

My favorite memories of Easters past are of diving into the pastel colored treasures in my basket... and the Easter egg hunt. Easter candy is plentiful at your local shops, so I'm going to help you with the non-sugar part of filling your Easter baskets. Why? Because one or two sugarless treats make every basket more sweet.

And, let's face it, well-stocked Easter baskets guarantee peace in your village whether the kids are just old enough to say "bunny" or are way too cool to admit they still want a basket. (They do want a basket, trust me.) To make sure that every bunny is happy on Easter morning, follow this guide to the perfect Easter basket!

Easter is all about the little ones. While the preschool set is too young for candy overload, you can still fill their baskets with fun. Think creative toys, plush pals or an Easter themed activity. See all of my favorite toddler Easter gifts.


Grade School
This is Easter's 'sweet spot'! Grade school kids are looking for candy, but don't forget something to help them burn through that sugar rush. Turn the traditional Easter egg hunt into a scavenger hunt by including clues in their baskets of where to look. Add toys and activities like temporary hand tattoos or a sticker printing kit for egg decorating. See all of my favorite grade school Easter gifts.


These cool kids may be too old to egg hunt, but they still love the Easter basket tradition. Throw in some small, collectible toys, a gag gift for boys and shiny trinket for girls. See all of my favorite tween Easter gifts.


They're a little embarrassed about it but they still love getting the goodies on Easter, just don't tell their friends. Make their Easter basket cooler than traditional candy and they might just smile. A cake pop kit or a birth flower necklace for girls, and cool portable speakers or a hilarious book for guys like Disapproving Rabbits will make digging through their baskets as fun as it was when they were tots. See all of my favorite teen Easter gifts.


If you need more egg-straordinary inspiration check out my Easter picks at!