05/21/2014 04:31 pm ET Updated Jul 20, 2014

The Toys of Summer (Movies)

The blue water of swimming pools and the blue skies of long summer days make the summertime blues seem pretty awesome to me. Even on rainy days when pools and parks are off limits, there is always an endless stream of family friendly flicks at the movies to entertain the kiddos. And, after speaking with Jackie Breyer, Editor in Chief of The Toy Insider, I have a pretty good idea of what movies your kids will be begging to see this summer and the ultimate toy for each. Want to be a hero? Scoop up one of these toys and surprise your little ones with it after the show!

Top Toys of Summer Family Movies

But why are toys from summer movies so huge? According to Jackie it's because "kids aren't in school and families have more time to go to the movies multiple times. Movie toys are a great way to take the fun of the movie home with you." Basically when all other games and activities are tapped, summer movies are the idea playbook for hours of make believe time at home. One way that you can get involved is to make videos of alternate endings to the movies. Help the kids think up the action sequences and use your phone to document them. Just don't forget to pull up the videos when the kids introduce you to their fiancees 20 years from now. Just kidding. Sort of.


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