08/14/2014 06:53 pm ET Updated Oct 14, 2014

Traveling With a Baby Checklist

A few months back I wrote about packing for your baby's first road trip.

Since then, I have been on quite a few trips with my munchkin and have learned a lot along the way. The good news is that you don't have to rent an RV to get out of town with all the stuff you'll need to care for a 15lb baby. That's not saying that you'll be able to scoot out the door with one shared carry-on, either. No matter how savvy of a packer you are, baby is going to need a suitcase, a diaper bag and a slew of other things that will take up space. So, here's my advice on what to pack before you hit the road if you have an infant under 1 year old.

First, remember that baby things are small and they're easy to hand wash and hang dry overnight so just pack the minimum.

Now on to the list!

For Sleeping and Playing:
  • Pack n' play
  • 2 pack n' play sheets
  • One bath toy that can also be a non-bath toy/teething toy
  • One snuggle buddy toy or blanket that your little one always sleeps with
  • One favorite toy
  • One board book (if reading is part of your daily activities)
  • Baby wash and lotion
  • Bouncy chair if they can't sit up on their own
  • Blanket to play on OR foldable playmat/gym
  • Carrier
For Wearing:
  • Clothes; 2-3 bottoms, 3-5 onesies, 2 pajamas, 2 pairs of socks, 1 hoodie or jacket and one bathing suit
  • 2 bibs
  • Enough diapers and their fixings (wipes, cream, inserts) for the whole trip, unless you know there will be a store nearby
  • Fold-up changing pad
For Eating:
  • Baby bottles for 24 hours, pre-filled with powder formula (if this applies to you)
  • Formula for the whole trip. If you are breastfeeding use your judgment regarding how much frozen to bring as back-up in case you need to pump and dump.
  • Bottles of water to fill the baby bottles and hydrate other passengers
  • Baby food to get you through the trip if your babe is eating food in addition to milk. I like to pack baby oatmeal, fresh fruits, and food pouches.
  • Sippy cup filled with water if you're at that stage
  • Scarf to double as a nursing cover
For Safety:
  • Baby SPF or zinc
  • Sun hat
  • Thermometer and infant fever reducer w/proper dose noted
  • Baby's insurance and Dr. information
  • Carseat
Don't pack:
  • High chair
  • Exersaucer or walker
  • Tub
  • Monitor unless your baby will be sleeping out of ear shot
  • Spoons, plates, etc. because grown up versions will work fine for a few days
  • Baby towels or washcloths because grown up versions are okay, too
  • Stroller unless you're planning lots of long walks on smooth ground, in places where they don't have kid-friendly carts

Please comment with anything that you have found indispensable on road trips with your infants too. We could all use the inspiration. Happy trails!

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