10/22/2014 02:39 pm ET Updated Dec 22, 2014

25 Reasons Why I'm a Cool Mom

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My older son has always been a big-time Mama's boy. That is, until the current school year, when he became a third grader and I became a source of embarrassment. It's literally as if overnight, he's gone from this child who insisted I chaperone his class field trips, to this meanie who makes me sneak a kiss from him on the cheek when I drop him off at school. He doesn't think I'm cool anymore. So, just as a little reminder, I've come up with a list of 25 reasons why I actually am a cool mom.

1. I build forts with him out of the clean linens and furniture.
2. I take him fishing and even let him jump off the bridge and into the river.
3. I've even snuck him into a couple of PG-13 movies.
4. I've dismissed him from school before on a 90-degree day, to hit the beach.
5. ...And even let him have "snow days" to go sledding.
6. I spike his hair up so he looks "fresh" for school.
7. Speaking of which, I know all of the lyrics to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song
8. ...And I can belt out the words to his favorite hip hop tracks in the car.
9. Sometimes I let him have cookies for breakfast.
10. Or Doritos.
11. And I make him taco's (his favorite) for dinner on nights that aren't even Tuesday.
12. I let him stay up until midnight on New Year's Eve.
13. ...And carried him to bed when he passed out at 10:30.
14. On occasion, I give him the answers to his homework.
15. ...And laugh at his jokes (even when they aren't funny... or are kind of gross.)
16. I deleted half of the apps on my phone to make room for his games.
17. Then actually taught him a thing or two about The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
18. I pretend that I don't know that he knows there's no Tooth Fairy.
19. ...And still put a dollar under his pillow.
20. I can build a serious structure out of Lego's.
21. Not to mention the small investment I have made in buying them.
22. There isn't a super hero that I can't identify.
23. Or a Little League game that I've ever missed.
24. And I make him laugh at least a hundred times a day.

And the 25th reason why I am such an unbelievably, cool mom? Well, because of the ridiculously cool kid I made, of course.