04/05/2013 03:45 pm ET Updated Jun 05, 2013

The Jonas Brothers Are Back!

I have been an avid Jonas Brothers fan since 2006. That being said, when they went on their little hiatus I anxiously awaited the day they would return. And now, almost three years later, my wait is over.

And it was not in vain.

When the Jo Bros first announced that the title of their new single was "Pom Poms," I was slightly confused. I continued to question what on earth this song could be about and if they had lost their minds. Then the Jonas Brothers began the social media campaign with #PomPoms and a countdown that included sneak previews every day.

That was the smartest thing they could have done.

As fans everywhere heard more and more of the song and saw more and more glimpses of the music video, you couldn't help but get excited. In a musical age where everything is trying desperately to be dubstep it was refreshing to hear that the Jonas Brothers used something not common to the music industry nowadays: REAL INSTRUMENTS. And not just pianos and guitars, there's a whole marching band backing them up. This song has a vibe that only the Jonas Brothers can create -- I don't know if I want to sing along or grab some pom poms and dance to the music. As far as vocals go, I'll admit I'm a little biased. Nick Jonas has some of the best vocals of my generation, in my opinion. No Auto-Tune needed here; his actual talent suffices just fine, not to mention he also produced the track. That's real talent.

I'm sure everyone has noticed that lately Disney Stars have been trying to recreate themselves with a more "adult" image. Selena Gomez starred in Spring Breakers and Miley Cyrus shaved her head, so it's only natural that the Jonas Brothers attempt to do the same. Well "Pom Poms" definitely isn't the same teeny bopper songs they used to sing. The Jo Bros managed to make a song that can target a more mature audience, and I'm sure I speak for all us college-age Jonatics when I say we appreciate it.

All in all, if you have an extra 99 cents, I would highly recommend spending it on this song. And hey while you're at it go out and buy some pom poms. You're gonna need them.