02/25/2011 09:31 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Beer Can Collection Stashed In Man's Basement (PHOTOS)

Walking down the liquor aisle at the local supermarket, one can't help but notice the various brands of beer adorning the open refrigerated shelves. But the variety of beer at your local supermarket probably pales in comparison to the plethora of beer that one man had stashed in his basement. That man, Josh Russo, has been collecting beer cans since he was kid, and has since amassed a collection of cans that was more than worthy of documenting.

Our new book, "Beer: A Genuine Collection of Cans", does just that. Showcasing nearly 500 vintage beer cans from Josh Russo's collection, Beer highlights cans from over sixty years and thirty countries, many clearly showing their age. The photography driven book is interspersed with historical facts and interesting stories from both the brands you know and love, as well as the ones you've never heard of.

The following cans are just a few from Josh's basement. So take a trip down memory lane and see if you recognize some famous beer icons, including Bucky, Mr. Boh, and St. Pauli Girl. Not to mention the world's first light beer, and some of the first brands to ever put beer in a can. Here's to celebrating over 75 of the beer can. Cheers!