07/03/2013 04:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The 'Best Internship on Earth' Is Back!

The Sierra Club's "Best Internship on Earth" is back, and with some flair I might add. Some snazzy switches have been made, including the fact that there are now two "Best Interns," Daniel Cespedes and me, Izzy Weisz. Major score. A duo destined for greatness, whose videos will allow you to explore all the awesome places we actually get to visit.

"What's this all even about?" you ask with not-so-subtle skepticism. All I can say back is: tune in, watch some hot vids heading your way, and catch updates on this blog, as well as our webpage. Our first video is up, so go ahead, sneak a peek. We'll just casually be jet setting for the rest of the summer, and I won't give anything away, but someone may or may not eat a bug. Yummy! Said no one ever.

First stop: a grand destination with one gorge-ous view.

Man oh man, the Grand Canyon is not kidding around with aesthetics. As we descended into the canyon under the late afternoon sun on Thursday, Daniel began to play the bagpipes. That's right -- we hiked to the soundtrack of Scottish tunes. Top that. I dare you.

Like on any vacation with the fam, we got a little impatient here and there. I mean who can blame us for choosing to catch some rays and bask in that hot AZ sun instead of coordinate and stuff? We also got a little caught up adventuring (like any true nature enthusiast would), and had some mishaps with trying to interview The Man, AKA Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune. Conveniently, we did get to eat s'mores. So really all was well.

Day number two was on a different wavelength, to put it lightly. We got the chance to chat with members of the Native American Havasupai ("Supai") tribe about Uranium mines that're being built in the surrounding area. The Supai and the Sierra Club are all: "Hold the phone, hey Obama can we make the greater Grand Canyon area a national monument? No Mines!"

After that we did finally catch Michael Brune, and I'm not going to lie, I was slightly star struck. And then he knew my name. And then I got a pic with him. And then we followed each other on Instagram.


Had to take a screen shot to commemorate the moment.

Daniel and I also got to take part in a tribal ceremony, which was beyond cool. Drums, ideas about balance and the interconnection between humans and nature, and on the summer solstice no less. Afterwards we ate fry-bread tacos (nom), and zipped off to the airport. Quick trip, unforgettable experiences.

Even though we're back from Arizona, don't freak out, our next trip is... drum roll please... Now! On the road and planning to capitalize on our time in this district, if you catch my drift.