07/31/2013 04:43 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Strength in Numbers

Have you ever felt like you had something important to say but your message fell on deaf ears? Living in a world where every person on the Internet is shouting out messages and trying to be heard makes it easy to get lost in the shuffle. One voice probably won't catch anyone's attention, but what if thousands of people felt the same way you did and were willing to put their voice behind your message?

A group of individuals decided to test this out by banding together to carry a large banner across New York City. They have traveled through high traffic areas like Times Square and Central Park and plan to continue their rally through the end of July.
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Who are these individuals and what is their purpose, you may ask? They represent Social Power, a digital platform for consumer advocacy. Social Power's mission is to empower and unite individuals with a common goal, and transform them into a massive, cohesive force in order to bring about change. Social Power has taken to the streets to spread the word about the how the public can face those that are taking advantage of them with a strong voice and message, starting with utility companies.

Social Power has chosen to first speak out against utility companies because of the high energy costs faced by consumers throughout the country. This platform's message is that it is easy for a business with the caliber of these companies to ignore individuals, but if people join together they can be taken seriously and possibly have the opportunity to negotiate better rates. By taking a stand on Social Power, consumers can have their voices heard and their needs met because they'll be using a platform that gives them that opportunity.

This idea of strength in numbers has been Social Power's philosophy since its inception. Social Power harnesses the power-of-the-people and works to shift the control (of things like price gauging and monopolizing markets) from the large corporations back into the hands of their customers. They hope that the large and colorful banners with phrases like "The Utility Company Took Advantage Of Me, Until I called A Few Thousand Of My Friends" will catch people's attention and encourage them to join forces.

Individuals often argue that they cannot make a difference. Social Power wants to eliminate that mentality and show people that when they stand together, corporations cannot ignore them. There are many worthy causes out there, but banding together to make a change that directly impacts New York City's future might be a good place to start.

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