01/16/2014 05:52 pm ET Updated Mar 18, 2014

Best Brokerage Industry Apps for Non-Customers

Tuomas Kujansuu via Getty Images

The most popular finance apps on the iTunes or Google Play app stores let you pay your friends, stay on budget, calculate tip and more. For those with the money to play the stock market, there are a variety of apps to turn to for market updates, quotes, charts, watch lists and more. Some come from reliable research providers like Yahoo, Google, Seeking Alpha or CNBC. Major brokerages' apps are worth considering as well -- many offer robust and, most importantly, free resources, even for users who may not actually have money invested with the firm. They're willing to give you a taste of what it's like to be a customer in that hope that you'll go ahead and open an account.

The best app for you will depend on the device you use and, naturally, where you actually invest your money. Although these firms all offer apps that are useful for the general public, clients have access to real-time data, more watch lists and other research features, as well as trading and cash management. For investors just looking to keep an eye on the markets and look up occasional investing ideas, these apps are worth a look.

est Brokerage Industry Apps for Non-Customers