05/22/2012 08:36 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Great American Food (Road) Trip

A little over a year ago, The Perennial Plate crew left on our "Real Food Road Trip." We traveled over 23,000 miles across 43 states making over 50 films. We went down a canyon in Utah and up a mountain in Washington. We went underwater in California and traveled into the tomato fields of Florida. We went inside the mouth of a Mississippi catfish and read the poems of a Maine seaweed harvester. We ate wild boar and geoduck, picked apricots that tasted like warm pie and downed 12 types of bugs (some of which we caught ourselves). We made friends with an Apostolic family in Ohio and rednecks (self-described) in Arkansas. We heard stories of Americans from generations past and others just off the boat. We were inspired and sadened by what we saw, heard and experienced. This is the last episode from our road trip... season 3 will be coming soon.

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