The New Organic China

We ate a lot of tofu in China. Mirra had just emerged from two weeks of eating only miso in Japan, so it was time to get serious about vegetables. Inspired by tofu being way better in China, we set out to learn how to make it. Along the way we met the young woman behind Kunming's only organic restaurant.

After years of food scandals across China, Ms. Yang is part of an effort to bring healthy and organic food to Kunming, a city in the Yunnan Province of China. But beyond finding an alternative to the scary mass production of modern China, her story is an inspiration. After graduating from University and working in business for a number of years, she found herself frustrated by the rat race. She wanted to go back and farm with her parents by turning their conventional soy bean operation into an organic farm. Instead, she started a restaurant and bought her family's newly organic produce to supply the changing demands of the urban population. Her entrepreneurship, delicious food and ethical and inspiring way of life could lead to a new food movement in China.

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Video created in partnership with Intrepid Travel