01/27/2014 11:56 am ET Updated Mar 26, 2014

On Libido

Right-wing Republicans are obsessed with sex. Perhaps that says more than we want to know. Freud did not know he would have such an effect in 2014.

Abortion, same-sex marriage, women in the clergy, gays in the military -- it goes on and on.

Mike Huckabee, erstwhile presidential candidate but far better at hosting a fundamentalist talk show, has now brought female libido into the picture. Of course, in Huckabee and tea-partyist dogma, women play the roles assigned to them by a selective biblical reading and by the erudite interpretations of Phil Robertson -- cook, marry at 16.

Apparently, Huckabee has not met too any well-educated, professional women despite his media and governing roles. Apparently he knows few poor single mothers notwithstanding that he was born and raised in a lower middle class Arkansas family. Indeed, I guess he just doesn't understand.

Women do not seek contraception because of their "libido" but because of the men they know or did not know, because of their careers or lack thereof, or their inability to support a child. Women seek contraception or abortion services from their doctor, not government largesse, because of necessity. And these are intensely personal decisions, and -- Jesus Christ -- not driven by some base desires.

As a dean at a small NE urban university, I saw a number of young women forced to drop out of classes and programs because of unwanted pregnancies that were forced upon them -- date rapes or other unplanned and unwelcome circumstances. Not their libido, but young males who do not know what "no" means.

When I was in the military, egregious violations of human rights occurred... not the women soliciting sex but being attacked. The victims were civilians and often other fellow armed forces personnel in the U.S. or allied services. Today, the data from military sexual abuse, to all genders, continues to be a sickening epidemic as acknowledged by the Secretary of Defense and service chiefs.

And, is it female libido that creates "revenge porn"? Or pedophilia in the halls of churches? Or Internet stalkers??

I seek comfort in the good fathers and parents of any gender, the compassionate many who seek to fulfill roles that support professional women and daughters who have enormous potential for leadership. The fundamentalist right, however, seeks something far different. Control. Submission. Subjugation. And all is driven by a bizarre and dangerous fear of sexuality, of human freedom of gender, and reproductive rights.

They defend these anti-democratic views by selective biblical references. By relegating women to roles in service industries and as sexual objects the far right objectifies them as motivated by their "libido" to satisfy men.

Huckabee is now in control mode with the able assistance of the entire staff of Fox "News." Oh no, he was misconstrued by (female) reporters, and of course his wife is strong, and he appointed many women as governor of Arkansas. He has the power of the biggest network behind him and the support of that arch-democrat, Mr. Ailes.

But the larger issue is about the Republican far right, fundamentalism and intolerance -- all of which is seeking to rule the GOP after November 2014. That larger issue can be stated succinctly: Is the United States a nation of tolerance, equal rights and separation of church and state, or not??

Follow Mike Huckabee types (try Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin -- oh did I mention the Koch brothers?) and you'll find a resounding no to each point. These people placed in or near the White House, aside from pontificating on Fox or filibustering on the Senate floor, will bring this nation's advances to a dead halt. They and their kind in the "tea party" will render the federal government unable to defend any minority rights, any environmental goals, any safety standards, provide any health benefits -- in large part to play any meaningful role.

They will be armed with assault rifles, however, even as they despoil women of rights and ready for the rapture -- armed of course.

Support them and a woman's libido will be suspected of causing each unwanted pregnancy. Even if brain dead, women will be kept alive to support a deformed fetus. Dubious, doubtful and dead trumps any other values. Support them and you'll have many more Elk River spills. Support them and global warming will accelerate. Support them and assault rifles will proliferate.

Go ahead, and see how your children live.

*Daniel Nelson leads a consulting firm in Virginia.