03/28/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Barack Obama's Woes Open Door To Hillary Clinton Nomination

The series of nine general election polls that I chronicled yesterday showed Barack Obama declining in general election numbers, but the first question we need to ask ourselves is the effect Obama's recent bad patch will have in the primaries.

The events of the past week, after all, are perfectly timed for Clinton. They are, after all, what Hillary had been arguing for many months now, that she is a vetted figure about which most everything is already known and that there is little Republicans can uncover about her, in contrast with Obama, whom the GOP would have a much easier time smearing. This line of attack led to the memorable slip-up of one Clinton official, but it remained a central part of the campaign's electablity appeal. And they will now take this case to superdelegates -- and they will do so more easily if Obama continues to show the vulnerability in polls he has been showing in recent days.

But is this too little, too late? Obama emerged as his party's front-runner in the days following Super Tuesday, and he increased his inevitability with every contest since then. Even the elections of March 4th were mathematically-speaking a victory for Obama, as Clinton did not get anything close to the delegate boost she needed to cut into her rival's lead. Can she now work her way to the nomination?

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