06/04/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Gossip Girl: Low Finance

There comes a time in every Gossip Girl season when the episode coincides with a graduate school thesis, a Yankees/Red Sox game, and the distracting ramblings of a tipsy roommate. Will this week's episode rise above this adversity or flounder in the white noise?

8:01 Um, when you're carrying around a flask, you don't ask for a glass.

8:02 Gabriel stole the money??!?!? Shocking. Although self-tanner is fairly expensive, so I won't be too harsh.

8:02 Other things Lily would wait til Serena's 21st birthday before she gives her: an alcoholic drink; a settled home life; a dress that fits.

8:06 Damn, Nate has been neutered - he's willingly tagging along on a Blair/Chuck Production.

8:07 Good pregnancy ruse, but please, if Serena and the bonehead brigade actually manage to fix this disaster, I'll write my next post in Swahili.

8:08 A pun they just couldn't resist - Gabriel "madoff with the money". Considering my track record with resisting bad puns, I really shouldn't hate.

8:12 Wait, this makes no sense...Gabriel would never have agreed to meet with Serena because Poppy would have tipped him off that she knows.

8:18 Why are they still being reasonable with Gabriel!!!

8:25 Lily makes a nice point about the difference between adult scandals vs. kiddie scandals. And I think it's relevant to ask, when was the last time something happened that was worthy of a text to Gossip Girl? We want more kiddie scandals!

8:27 Not digging this Georgina/Jesus plot.

8:30 I think I'm getting stupider because I've been having trouble following this show will Georgina impersonating an easy mark help them nail Poppy?

8:34 Okay, glad Chuck explained it for me. Humbling moment.

8:37 Wow, isn't it pleasant to watch Nate and Chuck have the exact same conversation about Blair for the fourth week in a row?

8:39 So how did this faux-cialite set up a date with Poppy? Is there like a Craigslist category for this stuff?

8:46 Killer moment between Chuck and Blair. I didn't cry, but I did think that if I ever were to tear up during Gossip Girl, I would have liked it to be right then.

8:48 Poppy is making a nice innovation to the modern Ponzi scheme - she only takes straight cash.

8:53 Rufus is back up to his old tricks - snooping around to find the single piece of paper that someone most wants to hide from him.

8:55 Ouch, cold move by Lily...but I don't know how she knew that this would stop the plan. And what mother could tolerate sending their kid to an actual NYPD holding cell? Clearly Eric was right - chick is psycho.

8:56 Prom? I had actually forgotten these kids were in high school.

8:58 Alright, pretty dope ending...Rufus seething...Serena's mug the dark tone...and holy crap, what is happening on next weeks episode! I, for one, am definitely going to stay spotting.