06/18/2009 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Gossip Girl : Moving On

The end of childhood sneaks up on all of us. It's a bittersweet moment that I am anxiously dreading. For the boys and girls of Gossip Girl, their graduation marks a poignant transition -- the transformation of kids acting like adults into what will surely be a group of adults acting like babies. Let's see how they commemorate it...

8:01 The gang is relieved that Gossip Girl's reach doesn't extend to college...somehow I see this changing.

8:02 Damn this show is getting lazy: Serena is perusing the menu with a plate of food in front of her. I can't even make this stuff up.

8:03 Love Blair's pose for the paparazzi. Might that be my and Blair's last moment together?

8:04 Little J has apparently come to graduation straight from the cheap vampire costume store. And yes, such things do exist. (The stores, not vampires. How they stay open year round -- bigger mystery than vampires).

8:05 We were curious how they'd shoehorn new characters into this show...but a new girl transferring into school on graduation day?

8:09 If that's the big Gossip Girl blast then I renounce the show. Those weren't juicy rumors, it was fourth grade level name-calling.

8:14 Nate's convo with Grandfather about his sordid past of paid sex...pretty casual considering the content of the revelation.

8:16 Blair should be able to pronounce Spence correctly. Unless she intentionally messes it up as an insult, which is equally possible. Also, if an anonymous person had been spreading vicious gossip about you for four years, might you sit down with your friends at some point and try to brainstorm who it was? Well this just occurred to the GG crew.

8:17 Nelly Yuki is good with computers. Chuck just couldn't resist.

8:18 Jonathan as Gossip Girl? Excuse me while I completely disregard this sham of a cliffhanger.

8:23 The Ruf-Dog is back to his sad strumming. And poor Dan -- dressed like a cater waiter with nothing to cater.

8:30 Now that's a gossip bomb. But I just assumed everyone knew about all that stuff. I mean, do none of them read the blogs?

8:39 Serena's ploy to nail Gossip Girl is typical Serena -- A for effort, Double D for intelligence.

8:44 Nate's house has gigantic multi-person bathrooms?

8:47 Gossip Girl's going to college. If you put a gun to my head, I'd have to guess NYU. Or Oxford.

8:53 Either Dan just tried to pick up a dude in a coffee shop...or that's his long lost brother. I'm hoping it's a combination of the two.

8:57 Serena's father? Is this supposed to mean something?

8:59 Okay, Chuck and Blair, smooches, tears, etc. Get a room. And a cute couple nickname. Like "Chair." Settled.

9:00 Spotted: Danny Blogger signing off, done spotting, childhood over.