05/27/2010 08:44 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Memorial Day -- Thanking Those Who Die for the American Dream

For the last four years of our lives all we have heard is that the world is falling apart. The job market will never recover, unemployment is higher than ever, and art school was a bad idea. In the midst of this economic collapse, we believe there is hope. This hope does not stem from any government rhetoric, or anticipated handout from a president who promised change. It stems from the way we were raised, and the fearless ambition instilled in us.

Can hard work and ambition do for us what it did for the people in our lives and generations before us? Is the American dream still alive for two educated hardworking young women?

We are two sisters embarking on an adventure into the real world. Not the world portrayed on reality television, but the world that we've been so frequently warned about.

Armed with a BFA in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Design and Fashion from a snobby, prestigious, and not to mention expensive, art school. Combined with three fourths of a Marketing and Public Relations degree from a private institution, we will put what we've been taught to the test. With a small amount of capital, family support, and strong work ethic, we take a huge leap of faith. Time will only tell if everything that has been promised, still exists.

On this Memorial Day weekend, we take into heart the privilege to be in a place that allows us to try. Follow us from our first step out the door, to wherever this dream may take us.

More to come....