11/11/2012 11:00 am ET Updated Jan 11, 2013

Holidays 2012: Sharing Our Family With Yours

The holiday season is upon us! And not a moment too soon. After a bitter election campaign that seemed like it would never end, what better way is there to spend the remainder of the year than with some holiday cheer?

In no time, tabletops will be filled with home-cooked meals and presents will be piled high under the tree; families will laugh nostalgically of memories past and the excitement of new possibilities in a new year will consume our hearts. It's time to climb into the attic or dig down in the basement to pull out bright, sparkling and twinkling decorations, and it's time to reach deep inside of ourselves to that place of love and kindness to reinforce the aura of the season.

There's certainly no time of year quite like this one, and everyone knows it doesn't come easily. Between waiting in long lines to score that perfect gift or laboring over the stove in anticipation of the perfect dish, the holidays are hard work.

Our HuffPost Black Voices family could not be more aware of that struggle, and we have a jam-packed lineup that is sure to meet all your holiday needs. Entertaining and shopping and style (oh my!)-- you'll find it all here on BV!

We're kicking off the season with a comprehensive Kids Gift Guide that will be sure to keep your children happy and your wallet happier. Once you've found the perfect gift for your little one, make sure you check out our His and Hers Guide for that special someone in your life, and don't forget our Pets Guide for your four-legged love.

But this year, BV is going beyond presents and sharing our family with yours. We're bringing you to our Black Voices family dinner table where you can find dazzling decor and scrumptious recipes to share with your loved ones. We're sharing our favorite holiday music, listing charities helping those in need and even sending you our very own BV family Christmas card!

Our holiday content will not only help you prepare for the busiest time of year, but also remind you what's most important during this season. We hope our stories will give innovative ideas but will also highlight the traditional customs that truly make this the most wonderful time of the year.

Happy Holidays!