03/22/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Love Haiti: A Task We're All Charged With

In the wake of this morning's 6.1 aftershock, I felt the urgency even more to continue spreading the message behind our LOVE HAITI effort here in Laguna Beach.

The most interesting aspect of this charge to raise funds was learning that nearly EVERY person wants to give, they are just uncertain how. Without guidance, they sit in the space of wanting to help, but not knowing where to begin. The Red Cross "90999" text campaign was so well-received in the days before this effort, it seemed the most logical thing to ask for more. Despite the tough economy and the dire straits many businesses and individuals are in right now domestically, the outreach has been truly incredible. It's as though people were just waiting for someone to say -- "Hey, give here. Here's how you can help."

That said, my hope is that others will approach their local restaurants and businesses to donate a portion of their profits, to encourage people to eat out for a cause, to run auctions for the Haitian Relief Fund of the American Red Cross. There's no real choice if you have any human sense about you. These are our fellow brothers and sisters in humanity. It is our duty, each and every one, to do something.