03/29/2010 05:12 am ET Updated Nov 17, 2011

Love Yourself To Love Others: Sounds Great, But How Do I Do It?

With so much talk and work about self-love and self-examination, with so many practices geared to unearthing your purpose, your authentic self, with so many divergent paths to choose from, one can become completely lost in the doing and forget to just be.

Being with and as oneself may seem trite, but it is the fundamental key to nurturing the subtler energies of your soul's song. One must listen in and tune in to one's own inherent knowledge of the universe and their connection to it in order to reach the highest potential for fulfillment, contribution and life purpose. Enamored with the work of 'getting there,' we are often too focused on fixing rather than allowing the process to unfold organically as it must.

We are an instant gratification oriented, impatient populace. Unfortunately, this monochrome approach to time management disallows the endless possibilities of life and our vastness to really take hold. In fact, in rushing and becoming impatient with the process of learning, we become more disconnected form source.

Trust and allow while doing your work, whether it's in therapy or in a spiritual practice or via bodywork such as yoga or Qi Gong. There are a myriad of methods out there designed as part of the journey, as mechanisms of opening one's eyes and awareness sufficiently to disengage from limitation and expectation and to further align us with our purpose here. Without an inner sense of peace and knowing, you cannot be in flow. You cannot be who you are. You cannot show up in the world as we need you to.

Be as gentle with yourself as you would with another. Monitor self-talk and judgments about your progress or lack thereof. Have faith that you really are exactly where you need to be to complete the steps in your journey. Allow your light to shine and really love yourself the way you deserve to be loved.

You are a child of God and the universe no less than anyone else or any of the creatures sharing this space with us. Pleas be gentle and kind unto thyself.