07/30/2015 03:29 pm ET Updated Jul 21, 2016

15 Tips to Steer Your College Social Media Habits Into a Positive Direction

1. Post an Instagram picture whenever you want. Use a filter, or don't. It's your account!

Who made the rule that there are certain time periods that you'll get the most likes? Is to goal to see how many people can click on your picture the fastest???

2. Tweet whatever you want as long as it reflects you positively.

Is it a complaint? Who's really listening? Would you be okay with an employer seeing it? How about your grandma?

3. Make Facebook strictly for family & long distance friends.

It's one less thing that you need to feel obligated to update all of the time. A few posts once a week or every two weeks is perfect.

4. Update Pintrest at least one night a week.

There's always time to stay inspired, crafty, and spontaneous. Pintrest always has a positive effect on your life. It's way too important to forget about.

5. Unfriend people who aren't supporting what you love.

Finding who you want to be and what you enjoy is so exciting. If someone is trying to discourage you from your happiness, it's as simple as an "unfollow" click. Who cares about your followers/following ratio.

6. Set limits for yourself when using Snapchat. If you're Snapchatting to show off what you're doing at all hours of the day, stop.

EMBRACE REAL LIFE. Yes, it's fun to have it all on camera or on video... but how often will you really look back at all of the videos or pictures that you've saved? You have better things to do with your time.

7. Don't check your social media while you're walking from class to class. Don't even text.

BE SOCIAL! Say hi to a familiar face, or even an unfamiliar one.

8. Tweeting, Instagramming, or Snapchatting your daily gym sessions? Don't.

No one cares that you're at the gym unless something funny happens. Fall off the treadmill, trip in front of a cute boy, etc. It's great to post things that make you happy but remember that it's important to do things for yourself and not for other people.

9. Put your email app next to all of your social media apps!

Check your email as often as you're checking any other social media! If you haven't already, link your school email to your phone and any other email addresses that you still use.

10. Stop spending time stalking people's accounts.

If you're spending your spare time creeping on people you used to be friends with, you're wasting your time.


Just don't do it (unless you want 'immature' tattooed across your forehead).

12. Stop writing in slang, or code. You'll catch yourself doing it in your daily life, within papers or important emails.

You won't LOL when your professor or grandma says WTF.

13. Don't try to claim that you're worth "200" likes in person if you're not.

College is all about finding yourself. If you're finding that you're being a certain way to impress certain people, stop.

14. Odds are that no one cares what you're eating on Instagram.

You'd think by now people would realize that trying to take a perfect picture of their meal does nothing but make it cold and leave you hungry.

15. You don't need to put all of your emotions on social media.

When you're about to tweet something, think about what your reaction would be if someone else tweeted it. Always be aware of how you are presenting yourself! Your first impression on someone may start with your social media accounts.