05/09/2012 06:33 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

30 Days To Fire Up Your Creative Genius, Day 23: What's Your Most Common Emotion Around Money? (VIDEO)

When you can create positive emotions around money, you raise your "frequency". Your inner vibration starts to hum to the same tune as your creative power. A healthy relationship to prosperity makes for more free-flowing Creative Genius.

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Today's Worksheet: Freely Associating With Money

Step 1:
Answer the following questions as honestly as you can.
How do you feel:

About your debt?
About your income?
About your savings and assets?
About anyone who owes you money?
When you pay for experiences and outings?
When you go grocery shopping?
When you shop for gifts?
When you shop for clothes?
When you shop for decor, art, or collectibles?

Step 2:
Identify what pure positivity with money would feel like.
If you have negative feelings that showed up in some of the above answers, think of the positive things that counter those. For example, if how you feel about your debt is heavy, burdened, or resentful, perhaps the positive contrast would be promising, empowered, and grateful.

Step 3:
Choose just one positive money emotion -- the one that feels the most vital and exciting to you -- and think of one action you can take in each of the money areas below that will help you feel that way:

How you spend money
How you save money
How you give money
How you receive money
How you manage money

For example, if the feeling you want the most around money is gratitude, what can you do when spending your money to feel grateful? Is it keeping a gratitude journal for the things you buy, or being extra-polite to sales clerks, or saying a quiet "thanks for the ability to pay my bills," when you're writing a check to the electric company? Say your most positive feeling is security. What can you do in regard to how you manage your money to feel that way? Create monthly cash flow projections, join an investment group, write your will, start a new savings account? There are unlimited ways to create the positive feelings you want in every interaction you have with money.

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