Hope and Progress in the Developing World, Despite Daunting Challenges

This is an excerpt of an opinion editorial originally featured in The Seattle Times, written by Danielle Nierenberg and Molly Theobald.

Since the 1980s, international investment in agriculture has decreased significantly. These cuts have impacted women and children the most. But in addition to making sure we reverse these trends, we need to ensure that funding is used effectively -- reaching the farmers who need it most.

Who better to consult -- and to equip with the tools to help out -- in the global effort to combat hunger than the youth, women and farmers who will most benefit from it?

In South Africa, the organization Food and Natural Resource Policy Analysis Network is using theater to engage leaders, service providers and policymakers; encourage community participation; and research the needs of women farmers through a project called Theatre for Policy Advocacy. Popular theater personalities travel to communities in Mozambique and Malawi and stage performances using scripts based on the network's research, to engage members of the community.

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