08/29/2011 08:59 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Art of the #Armparty

First it was silly bands.

No, first it was lanyards and friendship bracelets.

No, first it was slap-ons! Remember those?!

Well it doesn't matter, because they are all equally first when it comes to the #armparty (notice the hashtag there because it's there to stay). It's "trending" as you tweeps like to say.

I started taking notice of this quiet evolution around FW10 Fashion Week when our editors -- from all over the world -- came to the party, eh hem, the #armparty. During press week, one by one, these well-traveled, style-versed, effortlessly cool babes walked in with raging arm parties of friendship bracelets, bangles, ID bracelets, cuffs and nautical elements tied loosely around their wrists. Some parties were better than others of course, but there were parties everywhere! Spikes, balls (ha), crystals, diamonds (oh my!), suede, leather, you name it, it was on the arm, at the party, and mixed-and-matched in an organized yet chaotic fashion.


To me, the coolest part about this #armparty movement is that it really brings light to the notion of "conversation pieces." It gets us back to our roots, back to the days of heirlooms and vintage jewelry, and, most importantly, meaning. I love that each piece is so closely tied to a time, place, and person.

For example, right now I'm wearing one of my dad's watches (I die for men's watches and my dad is the coolest man on the planet), our latest DANNIJO skinny cuff (because I'm Danni of DANNIJO), my favorite friendship bracelet my sister gave me, a string from a piece of clothing from our first ever DANNIJO shoot, an elephant hair bracelet from my trip to Kenya, and a trade bead bracelet. I know what you're thinking, my #armparty is off-the chain.

#Armparties are an international phenomenon. They're like maps for where you've been and what you've seen for people who may be meeting you for the very first time. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes, and the best ones are mash-ups -- as individual bracelets they don't look like they have anything to do with one another, but when they come together -- on the arm -- everything makes perfect sense and a party is born.