11/25/2014 10:43 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

5 Reasons to Be Thankful As Newlyweds


In the midst of enjoying turkey, potatoes and pie, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on life and what you are thankful for. Newlyweds have an extra set of blessings to count as they merge lives, families and holidays into something they do together as a married couple. Below are five reasons for you to be extra thankful this year.

More family: Marriage adds at least one new family for each spouse and sometimes more. There may be a few bumps as you finesse your way through new relationships and personalities, but you can be thankful that your lives are instantly fuller and the number of people who love you and call you family has multiplied.

New traditions: With new family comes new traditions. Try to be open to what makes your new family happy. You may be delighted to indulge in dishes that your spouse's family has been making for generations, or you may find yourself swept up in a family game or pastime that makes the holiday more special for you. Also feel free to share a recipe or tradition from your heritage to begin the blending process of your families.

Finding "the one": It sounds sappy, but you just married the love of your life. Your heart should be almost bursting with thankfulness that you have a lifetime to spend with your spouse making memories and sharing holidays. You can even be thankful for the option of starting your own family in the future.

Friendsgiving: Connecting with other married couples and hosting your own version of Thanksgiving on an alternate date is a growing trend for many newlyweds. It's a wonderful way to celebrate how thankful you are for your friendships and include non-traditional elements like beer pong and bonfires.

Someone to share and shop with: Post-Thanksgiving you do not have to return to your home with a mountain of leftovers to slowly consume solo. Not only do you have someone to help you eat, you also have a built-in Black Friday buddy. You may only get one shot at this, so be sure to have your spouse help with holiday shopping as a newlywed!

No matter what you choose to be thankful for as a newlywed this year, do take the time to ponder your blessings. Having a grateful heart is a perfect way to kick of the holiday season and may save your sanity during prolonged family gatherings.